Recent Conferences

I just attended a conference on elder law.  There was a great deal of material to absorb at this conference, and left me thinking about the complexity of elder law and the options open to individuals in the later stages of life. More and more people want to stay in their own home as long as possible rather than rushing into assisted living facilities or nursing homes, and there are more options available today than ever before to help realize that goal. I am still digesting the material covered at this conference, so I will update again soon.

A few weeks earlier, I also attended a conference on what civil court judges want you to know when you appear before them in their courtrooms. Much of the material focused on settlement conferences in the context of jury trials, and while this does not specifically relate to my own practice, I found the conference to be insightful nonetheless. What I took away from this was a real opportunity to get inside judges’ heads, to hear their perspective on their positions and responsibilities, to try and find out what makes the judges tick, and to understand where they are coming from. This kind of information is helpful to any lawyer.

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